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There are church, ministries, and organizations that are currently in the area trying to make a difference, but are struggling because of a lack of funds. If you would like to donate to the hurricane relief efforts, you can do that directly through Calvary Connect,, or the mobile app. Simply select "Hurricane Relief" in the designate area. Click the link below to give.

Donate To Harvey Relief Efforts

disaster relief serve team
trip dates - saturday, sept 16th & sunday sept 17th

Through Destiny Ministries, we have been assigned to partner with Turning Point Church in Vidor, Texas near the Beaumont area. Here we will most likely be assigned to help with some of the restoration efforts through a process referred to as "mucking". We will go into the homes of the community and prep them for restoration. 
Some of the tasks involved will include; ​​​​​​​tearing down damaged sheet rock, ripping out carpet/flooring, clearing homes of damaged items, furniture, and appliances, among other things of similar nature. 

Understanding that this is a response to a disaster and that resources may be limited during travel, and in the disaster areas, we have to be as self-sufficient as possible not relying on those that need us. 
Calvary Church will provide plenty of water and some snacks for the duration of the trip. We have been informed that there are multiple restaurants and fast food places open in the area. This will be the main source of our meals. But you are more than welcome to bring your own meals with you.
All meals are each team member's financial responsibility.

Turning Point Church has been so gracious to have opened up their facilities to house us for Saturday Night. 
There are multiple cots set up for us as well as showers and restrooms.

We will have some transportation available via the church vans.
To reserve a seat, please contact Pastor Manny at (817) 996-7156.

Pack everything into ONE overnight bag (Must fit in your lap)
Change of clothes (suitable to work in and get ruined)
Closed-toed shoes and boots
Toiletries (shampoo, toothbrush, etc.)
Bedding (Pillow, Blanket/Sleeping Bag)
Personal Snacks/Drinks

Sledge Hammers
Small Saws
(There will be extra of some of these items)


Saturday, September 16th       
4 am - Meet at Calvary Church Campus      
4:30 am - Leave Campus      
7 am - Breakfast on the road      
11 am - Arrive at Turning Point Church and begin relief efforts

Sunday, September 17th      
7 am - Breakfast      
8:30 am - Begin Relief Efforts      
2 pm - Return Home
7 pm - Arrive at the church

After reviewing the information and everything hopefully fits into your schedule,
you can now officially join the team!
click the following link to officially join the team and become a part of our efforts.
This is different than the previous interest form you may have completed.

Join the Disaster Relief Serve Team

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact pastor manny at 
(817) 996-7156 or